Swagbucks Review

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Stop wasting your time randomly browsing the internet and start making some extra bucks with SWAGBUCKS .
You can use it on any device. Earn another salary by regularly using the app a few minutes a day!
This isn't your typical survey site. You earn money by watching videos, searching stuff AND you get to earn extra when you bring in extra Swagbuckaneers!

10 Steps to Maximize Your Swagbucks Earnings

I LOVE Swagbucks. I have been a  member for years  and over those years Swagbucks has paid for a lot of coffee, ebooks, and more. My favorite way to spend my SB points (what points are called at Swagbucks) lately  is the $25 Amazon card. The first one each month is just 2200 SB points (after that they are 2500 SB points).

1. Install the Swagbucks Toolbar

Use the toolbar only once each day and you will earn 1 SB/day. 1×365=365 Swagbucks

2. Take Advantage of Their 4 Apps

  • Swagbuck TV App 36 Swagbucks/day
  • Lifestylz App 18 Swagbucks/day/li>
  • EntertainNow App 18 Swagbucks/day
  • TV App 18 Swagbucks/day
Set your cell phone to go through all the apps everyday for the maximum daily videos and you would get 90 Swagbucks/day which would amount to 32,850 Swagbucks/year. Of course, you would have to be very ambitious to do that. Nevertheless, it is indeed doable.

3. Participate in the daily poll

Earn one Swagbuck a day in 2 seconds.
1×365=365 SB points

4. Don't forget the daily NOSO

You'll get it done in under a minute and you will earn 2 Swag Bucks.
2×365=730 SB points

5. Stay tuned to the amazing Swagbucks Channel

While your on your laptop taking care of simple tasks why not open up a window and run a bit of Swagbucks TV in the background. What you earn varies depending on what is available and how many points are offered. You know that moment when Youtube is just running on autopilot and kind of in the background. You can do the same thing on Swagbucks and get paid for it. Just open up a window and let Swagucks TV run in the background. Most of the time there's at least one or two videos that might interest you and you might be surprised by even more. I would say that you could earn around 10 Swag Bucks a day, which amounts to 300 Swag bucks a month,   so that's 3600 SB's a year.

6. Print yourself some coupons

Swagbucks features a great coupon section. If you substitute you unproductive habits and replace them with checking this section right before going shopping, then you're not only going earn more Swag bucks (10 SB's), but you'll also gonna cut down on your grocery bills.
Most people I know get a good 3 coupons per month, which would amount to  360 Swag bucks a year.

7.  Browse all your favorite stuff using the Swagbucks search engine

Are you into online shopping? It's confortable, I know.. Now you can shop using the Swagbucks search engine and earn gift cards as you shop as you would do normally
Although I'm still more traditional and do my fair share of offline shopping (even though it can be time-consuming), I still earn around 200 Swag bucks a month which is around 2400 a year  with the Swagbucks shop and earn program.

8. Refer your friends and family

When you've experienced something new that brought you money and entertained you at the same time, you'll want to tell your gang about it. Before having this blog, I used to tell my friends on Facebook and Twitter about my new part-time job as a Swagbucks web surfer. They were happy to sign up and, lucky for me, I'm still earning 10% out of what they are earning. Some of them have been at it for more than a year and it's good for both of us.
What's more, my friends have started to bring in some referrals. I have around 10 active members under me, but the typical bloke not so into it like me could easily bring in 6 active members a year. Now if each of those 6 people were to earn 2500 Swag bucks a month (which isn't hard, by the way), that would bring you around 1500 Swag bucks a month, solely from your referrals. And that's 18 000 SB's a year. Not bad, I would say. Even before I had a blog I would share my Swagbucks earnings with my Facebook friends and if one asked what it was I would explain it and sometimes they would sign up.  I usually signed up 1 or 2 people a month.

9. Keep an eye out for daily bargains

If you happen to see a too-good-to-refuse deal while browsing their website and make a purchase, you will earn extra Swab bucks. Each deal has its own SB payout and you will typically see 5 SB's per dollar bargains. I normally do one purchase a month averaging 20$. The total amount I earn from daily deals is around 1200 Swag bucks.

10. Browsing through the website or using the search bar

Last but not least, I give you my most favorite way to earn. I like it a lot simply because it's so easy to do. I can watch the news on TV and do this without looking, basically.
You need to download the Swagbucks toolbar or, better yet, make Swagbucks your home page.
That's a fine way to detach yourself from the corporate giant which is Google and experience what an up and rising company has to offer, monetarily or otherwise. Use Swagbucks to look for whatever you want and make money from it. What could be easier? I usually earn 200 Swag bucks a week this way, so that would be around 10 000 SB's a year
That's just my experience with earning on Swagbucks.
There are around 20 methods of earning and I've earned more than 690$ using only 10 of 'em.

My friends are using other methods like performing online tasks, playing games and completing online surveys. Those ones indeed pay more, but aren't available 24/7 like the ones that I've just listed.

Nevertheless, that's enough to pay for my basic monthly groceries and I'm sure I could do more if I put more into it. I do have a desk job but I plan to use it there as well because I do have some spare time between tasks. If you manage to drop Google and experience something new, then your hourly pay will noticeably go up.

Whether or not you're reading this sitting at your desk at work or comfortably lying in bed, Swagbucks is a great way to not let your time pass for nothing.
Take a minute to check out other methods that I haven't covered in my review.

People love Swagbucks. Check out for yourself!